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You have built up a successful enterprise, a flourishing estate with substantial assets but are constrained with time to oversee your personal finance and administrative affairs. You may require our services to co ordinate with various stakeholders so that you have time to pursue your interests.

Family Office: The Family Office proposition of Barakah goes much beyond wealth management. It provides solution for building, preserving and transferring family wealth and legacy. We offer an extensive range of resources that few firms can match. Recognized as innovative since our inception, we put a lot of thought into integrating our unique capabilities in a way that makes sense for each client, and continually expand our services to meet clients' future requirements

Barakah Finserve

We also work with Property management companies in Hyderabad financial service providers on your behalf and provide you access to the best in class solutions across the market without any bias. The practice covers

"At Barakah you benefit from the best of both worlds, personalized service and access to best in class solutions across the market"


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